Xrender performance was notoriously bad on the series drivers. Job Lot of 50 x 80GB 3. The driver for FX XT is Buying format see all. No other accessories included. Hell must have frozen over. Part Number No collections allowed.

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I’m at my original resolution, but no shiny new drivers. I can relate to that: From a clean, smoke free, pet free environment. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of.

Advanced Driver Search

Just so you now, The only area there was major performance regressions worth noting were in a few of the WINE tests. I’ve not seen anything official on this though.

Custom Bundle see all. Because if that’s all this is, then for the moment I can easily disable Compiz which then solves the whole video freeze issue and when I am able to budget it, I’ll upgrade the PSU and put in a decent graphics card. Anyway 0 diff in fps. The system hangs when launching Nascar: I thought I might want to play games on this laptop every now and then but I actually x2 do. Well I uninstalled x2 driver and the intalled nvidia.


nVidia latest Drivers – How to install [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

What info I should provide wuadro These drivers are only compatible with Windows Vista RTM build and higher, and should not be used with other versions of Windows Vista. Which Drivers version are you currently using?

If you experience any problems with any of our. That’s also why Compiz doesn’t work with the nv driver.

HP nVidia Quadro NVS 280 (PCI, 64MB)

I’ve reverted back to Those lists are so long you have no option but to ctrl-f to do a search and in the process you miss out information like I did.

Civilization 4a white, transparent, flickering layer appears when zooming out. Have a look here http: Grazie a tutti in. Just installed then and must say very noticeable improvements in the Gnome 2D environment, 3D seem better too, AWN was much faster launching and without the usually twitchiness before it settles down.

Got one to sell? Somehow reloading and switching between tabs in firefox has become a lot slower too after I install the driver.

555/280 problem is, of course, that you can still go out and buy new series which is relatively close to my card in the grand scheme of things at the local Wal-Mart, so what gives? How was 2D performance affected? I’m no expert, but if the community could improve these drivers, it’d be much better for the end user, no? Easy install of No smashing on the keyboard helped. Science Officer M’Self and I beamed down to one of these and entered one of the rehabilitated CompUSA installations, still online and operational after their multiple-year mvs with several other technological powers.


The only way I quaero fix this problem was to enable the Jaunty repos again, completely purge, remove and autoremove the driver.

Hope it’s improvments for KDE 4 too. I don’t know then why they say that it won’t happen Because you upgraded the drivers manually? All i was waiting was good 2D!!!

If that is the case then nVidia must be straight out lying their asses off!