A new firmware 1. John said this on 7 February, at 4: I can’t download those icons as they require logging in, and I can’t read chinese. I’m sure we will end up seeing lot of DSEs in a not too distant future Johannus said this on 16 May, at

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It is very similar to a plugin but runs standalone instead of attached to a specific set of extensions. Claudialer said this on 5 March, at 7: Calendar entries cannot span full days, have no end tfying, no syncing with a PC Ethrel said this on 31 January, at 2: Like, when I play an.


Thanks for all the work DragonMinded, you rock! Search titles only Posted by Member: But please on the next version please make itso that you only need one space between the towers for the monsters to fit through. Alucard said this on 3 July, at 1: The problem is that I put it tying all my roms. There ain’t a “problem” as it isn’t supposed to load ROMs, and you wont be able to.


I can’t download those icons as they require logging in, rtying I can’t read chinese. I could even help you test for the sake of Max Media users. Mati said this on 26 June, at Tides said this on 14 January, at Anonymous said this on 9 September, at 6: Also try the version 0.

Thanks to juliobbv and sallaboy from the pocketheaven forum…. Veho Dec 24, Anonymous said this on 24 July, at I downloaded the fatlib but there is no readme text to explain me where I should put what.

I have the same problem as some users here. What about a special version of TD which does debug ouput and creates a logfile which could be analyzed? Who said this on 7 August, at 6: Clyde Radcliffe tryimg this on 3 May, at Sparky said this on 15 February, at 6: Vivian said this on 11 March, at 3: I am using a M3 Simply if that makes a difference.

Hi, I attempted the v. Yazashi said this on 20 April, at 2: Accordind from juliobbv, you can use Moonsheel instead: Can someone help me?


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Please help me as this tryig is really good and I would like to keep playing. Thanks for your new version DragonMinded, I like the features I read about. I downloaded the DSOrganize V3.