Is it possible to run ESXi 5. Your explanation are great Thank you very much. The problem seems to be linked to the controller itself. Does it possible to add support for Andreas Peetz November 23, at 6: Source is on GitHub:

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How to configure ESXi for USB passthrough to a Windows VM | TinkerTry IT @ Home

The vib successfully installs. Now add the USB device available. Hi cacahue, you don’t need to install the vib file to make it available for passthrough. Hi Jorge, see my comment here. Andreas Peetz January 17, at 9: Gutharius February 20, at 8: Patreon SuperServer Order Page. Therefore when the network is configured, there is a great chance jmicroon the devices are not yet available. To do so, run the following command: You can not post a blank message.


I have verified that the USB controller is installed on the guest. Dear Andreas I would really appreciate that you would include this Sata controler Not sure where to go from here.

Anonymous Jmicroh 5, at Thanks for your efforts! At vSphere client I also don’t see any real connected storage disks. Are you sure that you have connected the disks to these controllers?

Install VMware ESX 4.0 on a Supermicro X8DTN+ server with JMicron PCI-e-to-SATAII controller

That saves me running up and down stairs! What can we do to improve this information? Szabocls Illes March 11, at 6: I would try to re-enable it to see if disks show jmicro, but unfortunately without it disabled I get a PSOD on boot… It seems I’m stuck on both ways!

Source is jmicrin GitHub: Forgot to mention — running 6. Please read my entire post ewx, especially the first item of the section “Read before commenting” Hi Andreas This one is in your list, but not recognized: I’ve since gone away from using the usb dual port nic for pfsense cause of the intermittent disconnects. I bought two Rankie adapters https: November 11, at 8: American Power Conversion T I do have this same problem.


Interesting point about the iSCSI vulnerability to these disconnects. So, don’t expect a fix within a reasonable time frame.

I think that I waste my money. Jan 6, Total Views: Is it possible to add multiple jnicron thru ESXi-Customizer, or do they need to be added one at a time and a new ISO rebuilt after each one, if more than one item needs to be added?